In honour of our past roots, for the enrichment of our present
and an ethically uplifted future.

Our new Cornish Celtic Christian Fellowship is an informal network, its aims are:

1. To commemorate, celebrate and educate anyone interested about our legacy from second millennium AD of the many hundreds of Celtic (i.e. Irish-Scottish- Welsh-Cornish-Breton- Gallic) saints who sowed and spread the seeds of the early Christian faith in Britain, notably, here in Kernow (Cornwall) from as far back as the first century AD onwards, though more intensively in the 4th and 5th centuries.

2. To facilitate and co-ordinate the coming together of individuals for fellowship and prayer in gatherings at ancient Holy Sites, houses and other places, as initiated by invitation via news sheets, sent out online or by post as and when these are needed. We would use prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer in Cornish.

3. To lead pilgrims on tours of sacred sites, especially in and around the area of the Saints Way ie: Padstow to Fowey or some in West Kernow.

4. To explore and make available knowledge of the “Creation Spirituality” of these Saints, as to encourage participants to live, on a daily basis, in accordance with these above principles and precepts of loving, reverencing, caring for and healing the sacred life of all creatures in Divine Creation.

How It Operates

1. There is no formal paid up membership or committee structure but “membership” is by participation (either at actual gatherings or other communications sharing and exchanges) by contacting the coordinators and being added to the contacts/participants list, which remains confidential, for receipt news-sheets. Anyone not online should send us 6 x 2nd class stamps for postal receipt of such.

Also, we welcome suggestions from participants as to possible places to meet and ideas for activities.

2. We are open to participation by any “self-defined” Christian or any other persons who are interested to learn more about the lives, examples and teachings of Celtic Christianity and its holy men and women.
David and Pam Stringer, Flat 5, Cobbs Well House, Place Road, Fowey, Cornwall PL23 1DR

William Copeland Borlase: The Age of Saints; a monograph of early Christianity in Cornwall, with the legends of Cornish Saints 1895 (Re-issued ISBN 987-1-897853-86-3) -Available via Public Libraries.
T.D.Breverton: The Book of Welsh Saints, Glyndwr Publishing, St Tathan, CF62 4LW, The year 2000,
ISBN 1-903529-01-8, 600pp including 800 Welsh (-Cornish) Saints in alphabetical order.
(also available on Amazon) .Much of this is taken from C11th Welsh records in Llandaff Cathedral.
We have a reference copy of this ourselves, available for photocopying details of specific saints.
Andy Philips: Celtic Christianity Today, an introduction to Cowethas Peran Sans (The ‘Fellowship of
Saint Piran), a booklet available from ourselves, with many further scholarly references in its index.

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